Solarx Announces Strategic Partnership With Schneider Electric

2 September 2022

SolarX and Schneider Electric (SE) are pleased to announce they have entered into a geographically focused strategic partnership, combining Schneider Electric’s world class technological offering and vast global footprint in Francophone Africa with SolarX’s solid local expertise, EPC capabilities and financial offerings to prospective clients.

Technology is an integral part of most renewable energy projects – and increasingly so with the growth of a number of renewable projects, that most clients recognize the need to incorporate efficient and competitive microgrid solutions. This partnership brings deep knowledge in smart and clean technologies that maximizes outcomes of the microgrid, deep knowledge of the geographical market, business and technology development, as well as deployment and market expansion in Francophone Africa.

“SE and SolarX’s partnership to provide world class technology to commercial and industrial clients in Francophone Africa is a clear indication of our joint commitment to grow our presence in the region and enables us to continue providing the best solutions for our clients. Working as team, we will unlock the market potential in the region and ensure SolarX clients receive the best technological offerings.”
Mattieu Mounier, Schneider Electric Microgrid LoB Leader

Additionally, SE will provide SolarX with a broader market reach and introduction to new partners in other geographies within Francophone Africa. The collaboration represents a new way for both companies to address market needs, more specifically the need for reliable and cost-efficient renewable technological solutions.